Winter Wheat

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Winter Wheat

AAC Elevate PBR – NEW

  • High Yield
  • Medium / Short Height
  • Wheat Curl Mite Resistant
  • Drought Resistant
  • Intermediate Rating for FHB
  • MS to Stripe Rust
  • Good Winter Hardiness

AC Emerson PBR – NEW

  • High yielding winter wheat
  • first winter wheat rated “R” to FHB
  • high protein
  • medium maturity
  • resistant to stem and stripe rust

 AC Radiant PBR 

  • Resistance to wheat curl mite which leads to resistance to wheat streak mosiac virus.
  • It is rated MS/S to stem rust and leaf rust
  • Very Good winter hardiness.
  • Very good Straw Strength and lodging resistance

Haney Farms is a fourth generation family company that has been operating in Southern Alberta since 1926. We’re a pedigreed seed retailer and cleaning plant that offers a wide selection of wheat, barley, corn and canola with some of the best genetics around. For ninety years it has been our commitment to be customer focused and offer you the seed you need, from our family to yours.